These are all the great comment I've gotten through e-mail

okay, silliness - your web site loooks GREAT! and I have sent it on to many
others to check out...other than monkeying around with THAT nonsense, what
are you doing???

Great photograph "Joy" now that is true beauty.

excellent work your art, my fav is tushy.jpg

Really WONDERFUL work.

I am a photographer and part time model living
near the Monterey area.  I came across your Gallery by accident and feel
compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed your wonderful images.

Your art shows a respect for the human figure that few photographers can
truly convey.  Your work is soft, demanding, and most of all elegant.  I
especially enjoyed the Great Expectations Gallery
and the Narcissus in Hell
Gallery as self portraiture is one of my passions.

Just wanted to tell you that I think your photograph "Sauna" is really
beautiful.  I really like the impression of total security and trust
given by the younger woman who seems to bask under the protective
vigilance of the older.  Fantastic.


From a technical point of view, the photos are good. From an artistic one

though, I am afraid that they dont show anything other than a nice body.

I just wanted to let you know that I came across your website and I am
absolutely stunned by the breathtaking beauty of your work, particularly the
pregnant ones, of which my favorite is definitely "Helping Hands." 
I must
say I am not just a little surprised to see so many wonderful visions of life
captured by the photographic lens.  I'm rarely influenced by photographs and
usually when I see an artist who does produce such awe inspiring pictures,
there are only one or two photos that actually mean that much to me, but in
the case of your materials, I am absolutely astounded by the simplicity, yet
complexity of your work and by the fact that a vast majority of them mean
something to me.  I have often considered taking up photography as a hobby
but you are definitely a true artist and I commend you for your understanding
and sensitivity to your subjects and the messages you are sending.  Any fool
can pick up a camera and take a picture, but it is a true rare gift when one
can actually make a photograph stand on it's own as a true work of art.  I
see in your work a subtlety that eludes so many photographers.  There is a
beauty to it, but more than that, there is a sense of serenity and elegance,
yet startling realism to it.
  Two other pictures that particularly impressed
me are so new they don't have titles, it seems.  The one is of a woman
submerged in water who is appears to be squirting water into the air with her
mouth.  The other is of two painted women who are smiling and interacting
with each other.  The beauty is that they are completely nude, but they are
at ease and comfortable with each other's presence.
To sum up how I see your work, I have always had a deep appreciation for
women and the female form, but whereas most people use them to convey only
eroticism and for pornographic purposes, you show the true grace and beauty
of women and of life itself. 
The sad fact is that many people in today's
society equate nudity with sex, which is probably why we have so many sexual
problems in society today.  You show the innocence and wonder of the nude
form and how it relates to the world around us.  Anyway, I just wanted to let

you know how impressed I was by your work and how moving it really is.  I can
see from the material you have come up with that there is, indeed, a
difference between the ability to take a simple picture of what is there and
the ability to use the camera to create something new and exciting.  I pray
that your work will have as big an impact on others as it has on me.  Thank
you for such inspiring art.

I am a photographer up in Canada...I came upon your site doing research for a book I am currently working on.  I just wanted to say I think your work is beautiful and awe inspiring.....


As a fellow photographic artist I say well done, great work over a variety of subjects.

I'm impressed.  I
particularly liked the pregnant female images (especially Pensive Steps
and Ova); also liked very much drapes, Nepenthe, and transformations.

Especially like the direction you are going in and the diversity of

I was just looking over your site, and I am very impressed with what you have.   Your shots are beautiful, it is refreshing to find a site that is truly erotic.  You have chosen some great photographs for display, I really like the gallery exotica. 

Sir, please forgive this intrusion into your sacred space. For many weeks
now I have been visiting your site. The images are ... ... wonderful. I am
especially captivated by
Narcissus in Hell. WOW!!!!!

Your art work is absolutely beautiful!  I love the way you expose the
human body in a beautiful harmonizing way by combining earth and soul. 


You have created some excellent work, based on what I have viewed at your

website. You have captured the power, beauty, and passion of your

subjects... espeically the mothers-to-be. Few artists today, regardless of

media, can show the passion of mother and fatherhood, and the expectation

of being such. Your works speak to a very fine audience... they are done in

the correct spirit. Kudos for that... in a nation and world that is SEX SEX

SEX it is enlightening to find an artist that can show a real life

sensuality as you do. Your peices are appealing to a great ideal- that the

body is a form, a study, a daily functional work of art. I have dabbled in

the media, but being a full time college student leaves me little time for

photography persuits. Anyhow, I felt it important to commend you on your

works. They capture a side- a REAL, non-studio side that I have seen in few

other places.


Hi, I'm 18 yrs..  old and I stumbled on to your website and I was extremely captivated by how you captured the essence and beauty of each women and man.  And to my surprise the larger and moms-to-be women were also wonderfully beautiful.  How you managed to find these phenomenal models and the locations to shoot them is to my disbelief.  Well I guess that's all I have to say at the moment. 
Sincerely a new fan,
P.S. write back if you can.  thnx.


dearest dave,

I love ur work, ur u have any more art that i can possible check out on line, that would be great, thanx for sharing, doni

your photos were good..but "joy" was by far the best. Obese people are not captured enough in photos, unless, of course they are made to be laughed at. The rest are good, but the bodies captured in those are what most people consider to be perfect. I feel that is a mistake and all people-thick or thin-should have their bodies looked upon as being beautiful instead of ridiculed. I think the intensity in "joy" is very uplifting, for a obese people everywhere as well as for a scrawny person like me. i feel that your work would be improved greatly if you take more photos like that of "joy", after all, the obese body is just as human as the thin, lean body. In fact, i think it has more character.





Your photographic artistry is gorgeous ...

and wonderfully provocative. I LOVE your website